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Pathy is to help to find your travel buddy or sharing your car. It is developed for IZTECH students and personnel.

The project was developed for CENG316 Software Engineering course and is assisted by Buket Erşahin.

Since in IZTECH, transportation is more difficult, we want to develop a mobile application for students and personnel so that they can easily, quickly and cheaply travel anywhere. The mobile application provides to share user’s car or find a car for travelling, especially IZTECH students and personnel.

The users can hitchhike to car owners and car owners can put their travel schedule for a week. The users just can register to the app with their IZTECH email addresses. If they do not have any IZTECH email address, they can contact us for their registration. Thanks to this, trips will be more secure for the users.

The project gives many benefits like quick, fast and cheap travelling. Users can share all expenses for the travelling and fastly they can arrive where they want to go. Since people sometimes have to catch to a place or work, the app helps to people arriving where they can go quickly. For hitchhike persons, our app presents a solution for finding a vehicle.

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    Aug . 22 . 2017

  • IZTECH Career
  • By Bodrum