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What is the Mirth?


Today,I am going to tell you Mirth open source software that we are using it in Limantepe fondly,sometimes it is called Mirth Connect(release date July 18, 2006).Briefly,it is an open source health care integration engine that connect health information systems so they can exchange clinical and administrative data.Also,it supports various protocol and standards such as HL7, EDI/X12, XML, NCPDP, DICOM,TCP/LLP, HTTP, JDBC,File/FTP/SFTP thanks to these,we manage to share data,filtering,transformation and routing of messages.

Medical centers use different health information systems like labs,pharmacies,clinics and so on.Since there are lots of branchs and systems,we have different protocols,incompatible data and mismatch versions.While some systems use HL7,X12 and DICOM,the others use XML or different protocol.This causes some problems among systems of departments.Mirth is to give a solution for the problems.In addition,Mirth manages administrative roles and tasks that you can create users or admins.You can think that Mirth is a gateway between labs or clinics.


You can develop mini programs in Mirth using Java and Javascript.Mirth presents you a field for coding and you directly implemented into it.If you want,you can use custom-lib in Mirth who can copy your .jar or .js file.I mean that while you are using Eclipse IDE,you develop a program for Mirth or your specific task.In here,there is an example for this.Mirth supports sending and receiving healthcare messages over a variety of protocols such as, TCP/MLLP,Database(MySQL,PostgreSQL,Oracle,Microsoft SQL Server,ODBC),File(local file system and network shares),PDF and RTF documents,JMS,FTP/SFTP,HTTP,SMTP,SOAP.

You can check Mirth Reference Guide and Community for new releases and informations or contact me for your questions.


Images: medtechsystems.com , mirthcorp.com

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